Tech Tuesday: Risk-y Business? Better Protect Your Assets

2 P.M. EST, July 25

In this Tech Tuesday Webinar, Renters Legal Liability (RLL®) will share how their nationwide risk management solution can better protect the owner/manager’s assets, save time and enhance the owner/manager’s bottom line.

The presentation will share current trends in the insurance and single/multi-family industry.  The new API automation of RLL and Rent Manager allows the end user to be more effective with their time and dollars with a few quick keystrokes.

Who should attend this Tech Tuesday Webinar?

Companies using Rent Manager that want to …

  • Require residents to meet an indemnification limit within their lease
  • Better track resident’s renters insurance certificates
  • Enhance their bottom line
  • Improve their insurance claim history on challenged properties
  • Simplify administration and expedite insurance claims

Meeting ID: 647-157-651

Sorry. Registration is now closed for this Tech Tuesday.