Tech Tuesday: Strategies To Upgrade Your Inspections in 2021

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2 P.M. EST, March 2

Meeting ID: 469-150-203

In ever-changing times, it’s critical to have an adaptive, innovative response to new challenges. Reviewing and improving your procedures to ensure you are cutting costs and reducing risks is a sure way to stay ahead of the curve. This Tech Tuesday, the experts from Inspect & Cloud join us to discuss how the inspection process has evolved and how to implement a successful inspection strategy. We will review how these new processes can work seamlessly with your Rent Manager software to streamline your work.

This webinar will cover:

  • The new types of inspections for property management in 2021.
  • How the tenant move-in inventory has changed over time and how to adapt to the new inventory and conditions.
  • Strategies for updating your inspection process to cut costs and reduce risks.
  • How to update your maintenance system and reducing tenant security deposit disputes.
  • A demonstration of Inspect & Cloud’s seamless integration with Rent Manager.

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