Tech Tuesday – Save Time for Meaningful Things Using Leasing Automation

Tech Tuesday Logos - ShowMojo

2 P.M. Eastern, July 26

Meeting ID: 830-764-131

Proper use of Leasing Automation can free up half of your leasing team to focus on retention, renewal, and resident relationships, allowing you to grow your door count without having to increase your team at the same rate. This Tech Tuesday, the experts from ShowMojo join us to share how you can utilize tools to automate the leasing process. Learn how to free your team from answering emails, simple questions by phone, and scheduling showings to reduce interruptions while you work on growing your business.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Strategies for listing properties efficiently, automatically syndicating them for additional leads.
  • How to screen prospects to only bring the most promising through.
  • Ways to show properties in person or using self-show with confidence using anti-fraud tools.
  • How to nurture prospects and residents you want to cultivate for future leases.
  • A demonstration of Rental ShowMojo’s seamless integration with Rent Manager