Tech Tuesday – Resident Retention Strategies that WORK

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2 P.M. Eastern, January 18

Meeting ID: 214-763-099

Achieving a high resident retention rate is always a priority for property management professionals. However, finding the best strategy for your property depends on a number of factors. This Tech Tuesday, join the experts from Notifii as they discuss proven methods to keep current residents engaged and retained. We’ll review what industry members are doing to increase their retention rates, from offering online payments to hosting resident engagement events.

This webinar will cover:

  • How renters’ priorities have shifted over the past year
  • Ways to increase your engagement by better communicating with renters
  • The best way to market your amenities
  • What case studies and data from current members of the industry can tell us about resident retention strategies
  • A demonstration of Notifii’s seamless integration with Rent Manager

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