Tech Tuesday: Predictive Apartment Marketing

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2 P.M. EST, September 29

Meeting ID: 604-006-699

Unplanned vacancies can throw your team into a tailspin and lead to irrational decision making to fill the vacancy. But tactics like lowering prices or making poor marketing choices can create a whole new crisis. In this Tech Tuesday, the experts at RentVision are joining us to discuss how to control and respond to future vacancies. We will explore how to predict when a vacancy is coming, how to tell if it’s going to become a problem, and what steps you can take to fix it.


This webinar will cover:

  • How to minimize vacancies before they occur.
  • The short fallings of current metrics, such as occupancy and leased rates, and how to predict your upcoming vacancies more accurately using tools like RentVision Occupancy (RVO).
  • How to use web data to determine if your occupancy is going to become a problem.
  • How to use marketing and predictive advertising fix it a vacancy problem.
  • The other applications of RVO/Target RVO.
  • A demonstration of RentVision seamless integration with Rent Manager.

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