Tech Tuesday – Maximizing Profit with Inventory Controls

Tech Tuesday Logos - EZCare

2 P.M. EST, April 20

Meeting ID: 178-179-027

Keeping track of an entire inventory with a plethora of parts and pieces is hard work. Managing that flow is critical to superior quality maintenance and property care. A fluid system that allows for accurate stock levels, reorder points, and audits can immediately help you control costs, save money, and dramatically improve your brand. This Tech Tuesday, join the experts at EZcare as they explore how to maximize profit with advanced inventory controls.

This webinar will cover:

  • How to identify what you’re measuring
  • Exposing hidden expenses
  • Time as money – wasted time is wasted money
  • How to combat lost revenue and Balance Sheet blues
  • The need for accurate operating costs and ROI
  • EZcare’s intuitive integration with Rent Manager