Tech Tuesday – Make Smarter Real Estate Investments with KPI’s

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2 P.M. Eastern, June 7

Meeting ID: 615-352-227

It can be difficult for real estate investors to find a data solution that delivers a complete view of their investments and performance. This Tech Tuesday, join the experts at BetterCapital to discover how investors and property managers can use KPIs to easily track investment performance using a single platform. Now with BetterCapital’s intrgration with Rent Manager, you can see all of your data in one place. Using one login, connect your bank account, Google Drive, or any other account to get a consolidated view of your financial portfolio. Access all the data you need and track your investments with ease.

This webinar will cover

  • Background on
  • Definition and examples of KPI’s
  • How you can customize the platform to your needs
  • How owners/investors benefit from this
  • Demonstration of seamless integration with Rent Manager
  • Q & A Session