Tech Tuesday – Maintenance – Using Technology to Bridge Tradition

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2 P.M. Eastern, June 28

Meeting ID: 587-991-219

As the Multifamily Industry continues to grow, finding and maintaining technicians that are both qualified and quality has become a primary focus. Once maintenance teams are place, ensuring smooth communications between staff and residents is the next hurtle in honing a efficient operation . Emphasizing effective engagement in these two critical areas of management success is central to AppWork’s mission. This Tech Tuesday the experts from AppWork’s will discuss bridging the communication gap between residents and maintenance teams, promoting their involvement as essential in a successful community.

We will cover the following topics:

  • How maintenance staffing shortages are affecting the Mutlifamily Housing industry
  • Ways to increase your retention rates with streamlined maintenance
  • How to streamline communications between your tenants and maintenance staff
  • How technology is impacting the future of maintenance
  • A demonstration of AppWork’s seamless integration with Rent Manager