Tech Tuesday: Maintenance Repair Speed: Track and Improve It

Date & Time: September 15 @ 2 P.M. Eastern
Meeting ID: 401-665-219


There’s a direct correlation between the completion of service requests and happy residents. A growing portfolio equates to a variety of different ongoing maintenance projects. Automating and accelerating the maintenance process greatly improves the lives of both your staff and tenants. Tracking your repair speed has become a must in the property management industry. This Tech Tuesday, the specialists at Property Meld are breaking down the importance of monitoring your repair speed, tips to improve it, and sharing why it’s the most crucial KPI in maintenance.

This webinar will cover:

• Learning why the speed of repair became the most critical KPI in maintenance
• The different factors that control repair speed
• The levers you can pull to make quick changes to the overall speed
• Tools that can assist in improving this KPI
• How improved speed translates to your bottom line
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