Tech Tuesday – Ways to Improve Tenant Relations and Experience

Tech Tuesday Logos - Visitt

2 P.M. EST, June 29

Meeting ID: 945-206-587

This year technology has been utilized in new ways across the property management field. So why can’t you use digital tools to create an engaged community of happy tenants without putting a drain on your resources? This Tech Tuesday, the experts at Visitt discuss four ways technology can save your staff time while providing high-quality customer service. Join us as we discuss how proptech is changing the way teams respond to requests, generate feedback, and communicate with tenants.

This webinar will cover:

  • The impact tenant experiences have on your retention rate, prospects, and community reputation.
  • How to use strategic communications and feedback to organically increase your engagement.
  • Ways to identify and create technology-driven solutions that shorten response times.
  • How to integrate digital solutions into your current environment to offer a better quality of service.
  • A demonstration of Visitt’s seamless integration with Rent Manager.