Tech Tuesday: How to Raise Your NOI through Utility Management

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2 P.M. EST, May 18

Meeting ID: 196-394-819

When you bundle rent with utilities, it can be difficult to analyze your community’s utility consumption and costs. This Tech Tuesday, join the experts at Conservice for a discussion on the benefits of billing your residents directly and the different avenues of doing so. Conservice pays every bill on time, eliminating late fees, while also identifying and resolving provider errors on your behalf. Get acclimated with their comprehensive solution and seamless integration with Rent Manager.

This webinar will cover:

  • Utility cost recovery
  • How to ensure timely, accurate, legally protected billing, with methodologies chosen to maximize your recovery
  • Energy benchmarking to meet energy-reporting requirements on your behalf
  • Eliminating redundant data entry with Conservice’s integration with Rent Manager