Tech Tuesday – How to Meet Rising Demand for Speed & Convenience

Tech Tuesday Logos - Rhino

2 P.M. EST, August 10

Meeting ID: 519-341-987

It is a classic scenario: renters want faster, more convenient solutions, while building owners crave an immediate, positive impact to their bottom line. Meeting and even exceeding both expectations is an art and a science, but it requires a hard look at your current workflows. This Tech Tuesday, the experts from Rhino join us to examine how to elevate efficiencies and bypass common admin hurdles. We will discuss how to complete common administrative processes in less time to create a satisfying experience for everyone in your community.

This webinar will cover:

  • What the next generation of renters is looking for when moving into a new apartment, renewing their lease, and recommending a property to friends and family.
  • How to avoid uncomfortable conversations about claims with renters.
  • Ways to reduce the amount of time spent per week processing deposits, filing claims, and performing other administrative tasks.
  • How to increase owner satisfaction with faster claims reimbursement.
  • A demonstration of Rhino’s seamless integration with Rent Manager