Tech Tuesday: How to Build a Scalable Business with Repeatable Processes

Tech Tuesday Logos - Metric-X

2 P.M. EST, June 9

Meeting ID: 194-695-331

This Tech Tuesday, the professionals at Metric-X are addressing an issue that plagues the property management industry: how to grow a business without the intense burn out. Property management companies hit a plateau as they grow their footprint. There comes a point when the management team spends most of its time fighting fires and resolving operational issues. The discussion leader, Saad Shah, will share the RentViewer Process Improvement Methodology –a technique that provides step by step guidance to create repeatable processes that free up time to focus on company culture, defining a brand, and delivering value to investors.
This webinar will cover:
  • An introduction of the Property Management Process Model
  • Creating a process catalog
  • Isolating the right metrics to track
  • Creating an action plan for lasting process improvement
  • Building a company culture
  • Defining your brand

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