Tech Tuesday – How Rent Reporting Lowers Revenue Risks and Increases Renter Benefits

Date & Time: May 9 @ 2 P.M. Eastern
Meeting ID: 920-800-107


Building credit is important, but today’s renters aren’t reaping the benefits of a good credit score. This Tech Tuesday, the experts at CredHub join us to demonstrate how rental payment reporting can boost renter retention, lower the number of delinquent payments, and increase your NOI. Plus, you’ll learn how CredHub’s full reporting system adds value to your business beyond what others in the industry offer.

This webinar will cover:

  • Data and insights into why building credit is important
  • How offering payment reporting can benefit your residents property managers, and owners alike
  • How CredHub has become the leader in rental payment reporting
  • CredHub’s seamless integration with Rent Manager
  • Q&A
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