Tech Tuesday: How I Built Custom Tools With An Open API Platform

Tech Tuesday Logos - Customer Insight

2 P.M. EST, January 26

Meeting ID: 682-949-275

Streamlined processes tailored to your business create efficiencies that eliminate mistakes, save time, and save money. This Tech Tuesday, join Joseph Schultz of Allset Property Management to learn how his business is leveraging Rent Manager’s open API to streamline tools within the program. As a Rent Manager customer, Joseph will review how Allset Property Management has customized its API functionality to solve specific business needs. We will review examples of how complex property management tasks can be simplified into time-saving processes.

This webinar will cover:

  • How implementing new processes can reduce mistakes by adopting consistent, repeatable procedures.
  • Real-world business examples of how leveraging an open API platform can benefit your operation.
  • How to streamline standard property management processes, including certified mailings, service issue management, and make ready management.
  • Ways to utilize Rent Manager’s open API platform to create custom solutions for your business that transform tedious processes into just a few mouse clicks.
  • A demonstration of Allset Property Management’s custom solutions