Tech Tuesday: Helping Your Tenants Bridge the Financial Gap

Tech Tuesday Logos - Rent Advance

2 P.M. EST, October 20

Meeting ID: 224-823-707

COVID-19’s financial toll has been insurmountable. Renters who have lost jobs and a stable source of income are struggling to pay rent and stay afloat, which greatly affects your business. Rent Advance recognizes that the majority of renters have a limited amount of savings, they’re over drafting checking accounts, and typical payday loans have interest rates up to 400%. This Tech Tuesday, the trailblazers from Rent Advance are sharing some staggering statistics about today’s financial hardships and how they compare to life prior to COVID-19. Rent Advance offers reputable solutions to these issues that benefit the tenant and the property management company equally.

This webinar will cover:

  • How late rent payments can negatively affect credit scores.
  • A renter’s cost-burdened status.
  • The added expenses that come with Payday Loans and paying rent with a credit card.
  • Rent Advance’s loaning system for rent, deposits, moving expenses, and more.
  • Rent Advance offers financing to cover a large band of consumer credit ranges from prime to subprime.
  • How the property manager is funded directly.
  • Property manager is able to monitor the tenant’s application process with Rent Advance