Tech Tuesday – Have You Felt the Impact of Laws & Regulations?

Tech Tuesday Logos - AmRent

2 P.M. EST, October 26

Meeting ID: 896-219-707

Keeping up with statewide laws and regulations can feel like a fulltime job. As soon as you think you’re adhering to all of the protocols, new policies are implemented. This Tech Tuesday, the experts from AmRent are diving into the resident screening industry, sharing key information on current laws and regulations. AmRent gauges the impact of criminal records, past evictions, as well as HUD’s guidance on the use of criminal records. Leave this webinar with a clearer understanding of what’s expected of your team during the tenant screening process and the responsibilities of the screening company.

This webinar will cover:

  • An overview of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and state based FCRAs
  • HUD’s guidance on use of criminal records
  • New laws on the horizon
  • The real impact of criminal and eviction records
  • Insight into what the property management company is responsible for in the screening process
  • A demonstration of AmRent’s seamless integration with Rent Manager.