Tech Tuesday: Delight Your Owners with Almost Zero Vacancies

2 P.M. EST, July 11

Peter Schuh, CEO and Founder of ShowMojo, will detail how the best rental outcome can be achieved for you and your owners by performing in-person showings of upcoming vacancies—while they are still occupied by the departing tenant. His session will tell you exactly how to roll out this cost-effective, high-value approach. Learn highly beneficial and immediately actionable tips—regardless of whether or not you use ShowMojo to automate your leasing process.

This Tech Tuesday Webinar will cover: 

  • The case for in-person showings
  • Showing occupied homes
  • How to cluster showings and mitigate no-shows
  • Implementing a maximized rent strategy
  • The oddball holdout
  • Real ROI
  • How ShowMojo can help

Meeting ID: 150-417-251

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