Tech Tuesday – Automated Lead Nurturing

Tech Tuesday Logos - Respage

2 P.M. Eastern, May 17

Meeting ID: 552-801-691

Are your onsite teams overwhelmed by overflowing inboxes and never-ending prospect follow-ups? New solutions, like ResMate, solve these problems by automating lead nurturing from the prospect’s first email, chat, text, or phone call inquiry all the way through the application. This Tech Tuesday, the experts from Respage join us to share how your team can save time and money by automating your lead nurturing process. Learn how lead nurturing works, how it can save your onsite teams dozens of hours a month, and three ways you can convince your CFO it’s a worthwhile investment.

This webinar will cover:

  • Understanding foundational definitions, including lead nurturing, AI, NLP, and more
  • The current trends and challenges facing our industry
  • How to nurture leads, including leveraging agent-based experience
  • A demonstration of Respage seamless integration with Rent Manager