Tech Tuesday: Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Property Managers

2 P.M. EST, January 22

Dealing with Tenants and Prospects can be challenging—it’s time consuming, costly, and it’s 24/7.  This session explores the important role that AI can play in automating and delegating tasks such as showings, tenant support, and maintenance.  The experts at, a Rent Manager partner, will present an innovative approach to dealing with the most complex issues that managers face on a daily basis.

This Tech Tuesday webinar will cover:

  1. What artificial intelligence actually is and show examples of using this technology in real estate.
  2. Possible usages of AI to facilitate the work of the property managers.
  3. How useful and effective your website is when it comes to interacting with tenants, prospects and owners. And, the new channels your customers expect to use to communicate with you.
  4. How can help you automate work and reduce costs.
  5. How the integration with Rent Manager works and how it can help you as a manager in daily work with prospects and tenants.
  6. Live Q/A session.

Meeting ID: 343-371-499

Sorry. Registration is now closed for this Tech Tuesday.