Tech Tuesday – Analyzing your Cycle Time and Speed of Repair

Date & Time: June 13 @ 2 P.M. Eastern
Meeting ID: 426-075-531


This Tech Tuesday, the experts from Property Meld will join us to discuss the benefits of understanding the different stages of your Speed of Repair—the time it takes to resolve a maintenance issue. More specifically, they’ll cover what metrics to track in Property Meld to improve this essential measurement. They will dive into the specific parts of pace, such as speed to assign, speed to schedule, and speed to invoice.

This webinar will cover:

  • The components of Speed of Repair
  • How to use Property Meld to track these metrics
  • Why these metrics are important to your maintenance process
  • How you can improve these metrics
  • Property Meld’s seamless integration with Rent Manager
  • Q&A
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