Tech Tuesday: The 4 Essential Questions for Resident Benefits Packages

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2 P.M. EST, February 23

Meeting ID: 569-034-123

We’ve entered a new era of property management, where the gap between committed professionals and everyone else is expanding rapidly. Resident benefits packages are the hottest topic in the industry right now because they allow your business to stand out by delivering a premium rental experience while adding $100+ profit per home to your bottom line. This Tech Tuesday, the experts from Second Nature will show you how to create and execute the perfect Resident Benefits Package and avoid the painful mistakes some have made along the way.

This webinar will cover:

  • What a Resident Benefits Package is, with real examples.
  • Innovative products and services industry leaders include in their packages.
  • How to thoughtfully approach pricing to delight residents and add big profits to your bottom line.
  • The 3 enrollment points that eliminate resident pushback.
  • A demonstration of Second Nature’s seamless integration with Rent Manager.

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