Why You Should Stop Using Traditional Lease Processes

April 27, 2016


Rent Manager

Rent Manager Leasing Web Access

At the start of every transition from prospect to the tenant, all property management professionals use a lease agreement to cover their bases. The document, typically 10 pages or longer, is chock-full of items for the tenants to sign before handing over their shiny new keys.

And what if your tenant has pets? Or your property requires a custom document to be signed along with the lease? The leasing agent has to print off more sheets of paper, adding to the already overwhelming pile of paperwork.

Instead of keeping such critical documents in physical form, vulnerable to water damage, fire, or just plain getting lost on your desk, it’s time to consider the paperless lease.

Rent Manager’s Paperless Lease Solution

Rent Manager® features Leasing Web Access (LWA), a portal designed to exchange lease agreements and renewals with prospects and current tenants online, turning them into rent-paying tenants faster.

As part of the Web Portal Suite, you can customize each lease agreement in an easy, interactive word processor. You decide where and how your tenants can sign any document, whether its a traditional signature at the bottom or initials at each check point, the choice is yours. What about a pet addendum? Attach that and any other form and your prospect or renewing tenant will receive all of their documents in one place, keeping things organized and concise.

What Else Can I Do with Paperless Leases?

You can personalize the look and feel of every lease by adding a message welcoming your tenant to the property, or giving them their next steps (i.e. pick up your keys, pay security deposit etc.).

From there, the portal continues to keep you in the loop through the entire lease-signing process. As the property manager, you can see the progress of your tenants’ lease completion, exactly who has signed the document, and whose signatures you are still waiting on.

LWA also clearly indicates where the prospect or tenant needs to sign, and reminds the them if they’ve forgotten a signature, so you never have to worry about an incomplete lease.

Leasing Web Access takes the hassle out of the entire leasing and renewal process. Now, there’s no need to set up an appointment, use precious office hours to go over lease agreements in person, or waste paper by printing page after page.

So if you’re looking to cut down the clutter, streamline your leasing process, and convert prospects and returning customers faster, then join us in the age of paperless with Leasing Web Access.

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