Tech Tuesday – How to Set Up and Track the Right Maintenance KPIs for a Successful 2023

Date & Time: February 7 @ 2 P.M. Eastern
Meeting ID: 765-199-507


Maintenance is consistently one of the top areas of frustration for property managers, as the time spent managing these efforts can inhibit growth. However, with the property management industry becoming more data- and tech-centric, property managers can alleviate this pain by building the right infrastructure for utilizing technology. This Tech Tuesday, join the experts from Latchel as they walk us through the ways that using an intake and automation platform can streamline your maintenance operation.

This webinar will cover:

  • How top-performing property management companies are growing their businesses in 2023
  • The top 5 metrics and KPIs to track that will help you run an effective—and continuously improving—maintenance operation
  • Key success stories of current Rent Manager/Latchel customers showing how they’ve used Latchel’s intake and automation platform to improve their business
  • How the Rent Manager/Latchel integration works
  • How Latchel works not only to help you reduce maintenance costs, but also add a new revenue stream
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