ACRANET offers extensive and accurate tenant screening solutions. Online “instant” criminal and eviction searches don’t verify accuracy, or go deeper than a basic and limited database search. ACRANET’s trained research team investigates the specific areas an applicant has lived so they can take the necessary steps to ensure any records returned are searched, verified and accurate.

Rental and employment references are no different. Rather than only calling the numbers that the applicant provides, ACRANET’s research team conducts an address search that provides all the addresses the applicant has resided and compares it to what was provided by the applicant.

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Know Who’s Moving In

  • ACRANET offers background checks that go deeper than standard “instant” searches. With an over forty-person research team, they provide accurate information from all the way down to the county court level.

You Don’t Have to Make the Tough Calls

  • ACRANET’s research team verifies ownership of rental properties and businesses, so you don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of a landlord or employer listed on an applicant’s rental history. They’ll also call the references, so you don’t have to!

Order and View Background Checks with the Click of a Mouse

  • With ACRANET’s user-friendly property management integration software, property managers are able to place orders and view reports without ever leaving the Rent Manager platform.

Saving Time Means Saving Money

  • While their searches may not be instant, ACRANET’s team finishes criminal and eviction searches within six business hours, so you can make more time for doing what you do best.

Visit the ACRANET website for more information.