Google Map API Key Instructions

Prior to launching your site, you will need to create one “API Key” with Google so that your map will function on the live site. API keys are how Google tracks who is using their services and how much they are being used. Generally, Google provides a certain amount of free usage per month.

Please follow the steps below to create the needed API key. You must enable billing and enter billing information on your account, which is not covered in the steps below. If you do not enter billing information, your API key will not work correctly.

1 Go to and log in with your Google account when prompted. If you do not have a Google account, you may create one instead.
2 Create a project
3 Search for and enable the “Maps Embed API”
4 Create the API key
5 Add HTTP referrer restrictions matching your website. i.e. ** including the asterisks
6 Copy and paste the key into an email to . Make sure enough information is provided for us to identify the website where you would like us to add the key.
7 Link a billing account for the API to operate correctly and display your maps.