Cracking the Communication Code

June 22, 2015


Liz Haselmayer

Woman with Phone

8257149092_b466377643 (1)You don’t need a degree in communication to understand it’s the single most important aspect of any business. As a property manager, effective communication with tenants and prospects is crucial in making sure your units stay occupied and the rules of your property are being followed.

Here are our top 5 tips on talking with tenants:

1. Your tenants want to hear from you just as much as you want to hear from them. Eliminate the feeling of burden when informing your tenants of maintenance updates—the truth is, they like to stay in the know. If an issue has been resolved, make the extra effort to call your tenant and let them know all is well… don’t wait for them to discover the fix or contact you to see how the job was done.

2. Ask and track your tenant’s preferred methods of communication. If they have a preference, you should know it and use it. Some tenants may have limited access to cell service or simply prefer email or text rather than a phone call. Using their preferred channel lets them know you are accommodating and respectful of their preferences.

3. Make use of automated software tools. At Rent Manager®, we offer a wide variety of automated communication systems such as Phone Broadcast and NDT VoIP. These services help property managers distribute important messages, track who is calling, and provide an automated answering system. Break free from the archaic practice of handling communication on your own, and take advantage of technology that can help you work smarter.4482734462_f28e93e47b-228x300

4. Don’t keep it strictly business. Make sure the only time you communicate with your tenants is not when there is a problem. Ask them about their rental experience, say “hello” in passing, send a birthday or holiday card—having some interpersonal communication with your tenants will help create a fuller-bodied experiences for both of you. When maintaining a positive reputation, being seen as more than the stern rent collector is crucial.

5. Remember, we’re all human. Today, more and more businesses are bypassing formal communication models and are focusing on the customer as a person. A key to how you communicate with your residents is how you view them. Consider your tenants as partners in your business, people in their homes, and most importantly, human beings.

Communication can sometimes be sticky if you take the wrong approach. Even the best intended conversations can go south if you don’t understand your audience. So stay on top of your business by cracking the tenant code with these top 5 tips.

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