Rent Manager Express: Scripting Bootcamp

Duration: Six Hours of Instruction Split into 3 Two-Hour Sessions
Cost: $395

Upcoming Classes

May 20, 22, 24
11:00 am - 1:00 pm Eastern

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The Rent Manager Express: Scripting Bootcamp is a concentrated virtual classroom designed to help you transform from a scripting newbie to a veteran at record speed! This 6-hour course is conducted across three days by a certified LCS training specialist. You’ll receive a digital workbook that highlights the key points of the training, which also includes hands-on activities for you to practice on your own.

In the Scripting Bootcamp you will:

  1. Utilize Scripting Aids – Use Rent Manager’s built-in scripting tools to aid your script writing.
  2. Learn Building Blocks – Understand how to use the core syntax elements of scripting (brackets, parentheses, commas, periods, etc.).
  3. Customize Rent Manager – Build customized letters, reports, and even recurring charges with scripting.
  4. Specify Results – Manipulate the parameters of your script functions to adjust the output.
  5. Combine Multiple Scripts – Use functions within functions to create powerful scripting engines.
  6. Try Advanced Scripts – Construct IF statements and WHILE loops—the cornerstones of advanced scripting.

We’ll also provide you with a practice Rent Manager Express database where you can complete the hands-on workbook activities in a consequence-free environment. This gives you a chance to practice what you just learned without impacting your real data. You’ll have one week from the last day of your online training to complete these activities.

Plus, you’ll learn from the comfort of your home or office!

You will need a *Training Code* that can be purchased by contacting your Sales Representative ( prior to enrolling for a course.

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