Virtual Classroom: Scripting 101

Virtual Classroom - Scripting 101

A Single Script Can Make a Huge Difference

Scripting 101Virtual Classroom: Scripting 101 will show you how to dynamically populate Rent Manager Xi forms, letters, and more using the software’s unique macro syntax language… RMScript. If you or your employees spend any time manually updating letters, reports, etc. — like keying dollar amounts into late notices each month — then you need to attend this class!

Consisting of three, 2-hour online sessions, this hands-on course will teach you how to pull data from Rent Manager to customize everything from auto charges to report formulas. You’ll learn about a different set of valuable topics each day:

  • Day 1 focuses on the fundamentals of RMScript syntax. Learn how to add script fields into templates and utilize the various scripting tools available in Rent Manager Xi (Intellisense, Script Builder, Help File, etc.). You’ll also learn how to identify WHERE scripts pull data from in the program.
  • Day 2 examines more-advanced RMScript syntax rules. Learn how to adjust function parameters, how to skip parameters to trigger their default values, and how to use functions as parameters to create truly dynamic scripts tailored to the needs of your business. We’ll also discover how to create scripted questions where the answers from the user are embedded into the merged template.
  • Day 3 explores how to add decision-making into your scripts (by using the “If” function) and how to add “large data functions” into your templates that are completely formatted to your needs. We’ll also take a look at how scripting is used in other areas of the program like Auto Charges, Custom Tabs, and Report Writer.

As a participant, you’ll also receive a handy training workbook to help maximize the retention of your new-found knowledge and skills.

Plus, you’ll learn everything from the comfort of your home or office!

Who should attend this session?
People with little to no scripting knowledge, or people who want to customize their templates beyond just double-clicking functions from the available list of Insertable Fields.


  • SIX full hours of instructor-led, hands-on training
  • An in-depth Scripting 101 workbook
  • 1-week “fast-pass” instructor access to answer all of your Rent Manager questions

Register soon, enrollment is limited to only 25 attendees!