Owner & Management Fees

Duration: Six Hours of Instruction Split into 3 Two-Hour Sessions
Cost: $395

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The Owner & Management Fees Virtual Classroom is a six-hour course delivered across three days that teaches everything you need to effectively track the properties of other owners, collect your own management fees, and pay these owners their due dividends. You’ll receive a digital workbook that highlights the key points of the training, and it also includes hands-on activities for you to practice on your own!

Here are the main topics covered in the Owner & Management Fees Virtual Classroom:

1.     Basic Setup – You’ll learn how to set up Rent Manager to handle your fee-based management business model. This includes everything from setting up owner accounts to adjusting key system preferences. You’ll also be introduced to key principles and reports that will aid in your third-party management.

2.     Management Fees – In exchange for your services, you’re entitled to certain fees based on your contract with each owner. We’ll show you how to set up and collect your management fees. You’ll also learn how these fees impact various financial reports.

3.     Distributions & Contributions – Once your fees are collected, it’s time to pay your owners for the remaining revenue generated by their portfolios. You’ll learn how to correctly calculate these payments, how to withhold certain funds, and as always, report these distributions correctly in reports. We’ll also show you how to receive contributions from owners when additional money is needed to cover certain expenses.

We’ll also provide you with a practice Rent Manager database where you can complete the hands-on workbook activities in a consequence-free environment. This gives you a chance to practice what you learned without impacting your real data. You’ll have one week from the last day of your online training to complete these activities.

Plus, you’ll learn from the comfort of your home or office!

You will need a *Training Code* that can be purchased by contacting your Sales Representative (salesinfo@rentmanager.com) prior to enrolling for a course.

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