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Rent Manager® provides more than 400 built-in reports designed to help you answer questions about your business. These reports examine everything from the financial status of your portfolio to vacancies, services issues, rent roll, leasing, and much more.

And it doesn’t stop there—the possibilities for reporting are endless with Rent Manager.

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Report Writer: Produce flexible, feature-rich reports fast! With a few clicks, you can quickly create property, tenant, prospect, owner, vendor, and unit reports that are tailored to your exact requirements.

Drill-down Reporting: Nearly every report in Rent Manager gives you the ability to navigate from the calculated sum back to its original source. Save time and eliminate guesswork with drill-down reporting.

Batch Reporting: Run any combination of reports—Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Summary Rent Roll, etc.—in just seconds. With Batch Reporting, you can run any number of reports with the click of a button.

Report Automation: This Rent Manager Online (RMO) feature automatically generates and delivers designated report batches, based on a schedule you set. Let RMO run your reports for you with Report Automation.

Grid View Customization: The Grid View allows you to view all records of a selected entity—property, tenant, or unit—at the same time. The width, titles/headers, and content of Grid View columns can be modified based on your needs.