April Showers Bring… May Training?

April 23, 2014


Erin Hooper

Virtual Seminar

We have an abundance of opportunities for you to hone your Rent Manager know-how this month. Take a look at our upcoming training schedule to find out how to make this a seriously productive spring for your operation!

Virtual Classroom

May 19, 21, 23: Rent Manager 101

Virtual ClassroomIf you’re new to Rent Manager, or just want to brush up on the fundamentals of the software, then you won’t want to miss the upcoming Virtual Classroom: Rent Manager 101! During the three, 2-hour online sessions, you will:

  • Practice setting up Properties, Customers, the Chart of Accounts, Charge Types, and more
  • Learn how to set up charges, receive payments, make deposits, pay bills, etc.
  • Master Rent Manager’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features, from establishing a calendar, to reviewing history notes, to generating letters

You’ll also receive a training workbook and headset to help you follow our easy-to-understand lessons.

To get pricing/register for the May Rent Manager 101 classes, contact your sales representative: 800.669.0871 or sales@rentmanager.com.

May 27, 28, & 30: Scripting 101

Gain the know-how you need to script everything from custom reports to letter templates in Rent Manager! During the Virtual Classroom: Scripting 101 course, you will:

  • Learn RMScript, Rent Manager’s unique macro syntax language
  • Discover and master the software’s scripting tools
  • Find out how to mine the Rent Manager Help File for scripts and lots of helpful tips
  • Gain the skills necessary to customize your own reports, letter templates, and custom tabs

No previous scripting experience is required to participate, and you’ll receive a training workbook and headset.

To get pricing/register for the May Scripting 101 classes, contact your sales representative: 800.669.0871 or sales@rentmanager.com.

Virtual Seminar

May 20th: Accounts Payable Tips & Tricks

This advanced two-hour tutorial will examine the Rent Manager features that take the manual labor out of payables processing and reduce the risk of human error. We’ll delve into time-saving features and best practices that will help get your accounts payable system in check and on track. You’ll learn how to:


  • Customize the user interface for better A/P processing
  • Set up vendor accounts and system preferences for maximum efficiency
  • Create bills with default options, auto-fill, fill from previous, disburse amount, auto bills, and other methods
  • Pay bills with checks, credit cards, and ePay transactions
  • Consolidate the bill payment process to save time and money
  • Access valuable A/P reports
  • And much more!

You’ll also receive a copy of our complete Accounts Payable Tips & Tricks Quick Start Guide.

Registration ends May 19th’CLICK HERE to reserve your spot! At just $95, this class is a value you can’t afford to pass up.


May 1st: Metered Utilities

Rent Manager’s Metered Utilities module offers an efficient way to track utility consumption at your properties and charge customers based on various rates and consumption levels.

This webinar will provide a first-hand demonstration of how to use this handy module to enter utility information’including setting up meter types, entering meter readings, and posting to customer accounts’into Rent Manager.

May 8th: Bird’s Eye View

The Bird’s Eye View module lets you create an aerial-view map of a property and then dynamically populate each unit’s data in a custom format. The end result is an illustration that presents a property’s data in an easy-to-follow, color-coded layout. Bird’s Eye View maps can then help you make informed decisions through a wide range of visual reports.

Join us as we demonstrate how to create new Bird’s Eye View illustrations, import existing maps, create overlays, and use the module to analyze data in a creative and unique way.

May 15th: Credit Cards

LearnCredit card payments aren’t just the norm these days, sometimes they’re mandatory. Whether each of your properties has its own credit card account, or all properties share a single account, Rent Manager makes the full cycle simple and straight forward.

During this webinar, we’ll show you how to create a credit card account and enter charges and credits. We will demonstrate how each property’s portion of a credit card bill can be easily determined with the Account Balance Disbursal. We’ll also walk through the reconciliation process to verify that Rent Manager data mirrors your real-life data.

May 22nd: Letter Template Manager

Do you search Rent Manager for data and then manually input that information into customer and owner letters? Well stop!

This webinar will show you how to make the most of Rent Manager’s Letter Writer and Letter Template Manager modules’including how to design letter templates that automatically pull information from your database and automatically place it into your customized letters!

May 29th: Report Writer

Rent Manager Report Writer helps you produce flexible, feature-rich reports, fast. Using simple drag-and-drop functions, you can quickly create property, tenant, prospect, owner, vendor, and unit reports that are tailored to your exact needs.

This webinar provides an introductory demonstration on how to create new reports, add custom scripts, define filters, and more. Your business is unique, your reports should be, too!


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