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Sample Property Management Reports

Rental Information

Property Listing Rental Unit Listing Unit Type Listing
Customer Listing Rent Roll Vacancies
Lease Expiration Move In/Move Out Statements
Receipts Breakdown Charges Breakdown Charges Paid
Security Deposits Unit Profile Audit Trail
Customer Profile Vendor Listing Customer Phone List
Detailed Delinquencies Delinquency Summary Unit Turnover
Unit Turnover Summary Top Work Orders Stats Work Order Summary
Open Work Orders Birthday Listing New York DHCR
Summary Rent Roll Minnesota CRP Occupancy Listing
History/Notes Last Paid Balance Rent Roll Comparison
Deposit Breakdown Charge Detail Unit Transaction Listing
Rent Roll Analysis Owner Bank Balance Monthly Recap Report
Prospect Box Score 12 Month Leasing Recap Changes/Recurring Fees
Owner Statement Charge Comparison Payment Comparison
Market Rent Analysis Unit Availability CAM Reconciliation
Unit Status Chart Trust Account Detail Trust Account Requirements
Property Trust Account Owner Bank Activity Commercial Rent Roll

Accounting Reports

G/L Detail Report G/L Summary Report Cash Flow Details
Detailed Aged Receivables Summary Aged Receivables Profit and Loss - Accrual
Profit and Loss - Cash Balance Sheet - Accrual Balance Sheet - Cash
Bank Reconciliation Balance Due Bank Deposit
Bank Register Listing Bank Deposits Vendor Transactions
Journal Listings Chart of Accounts Rental Unit Profit & Loss
Individual Unit Profit & Loss Actual-Budget Fiscal Year Property Comparison P&L
Fiscal Year Budget Reserve Summary Aged Payables Summary
Aged Payables Detail P&L YTD Comparison Trial Balance
All Receipts Deposited Un-deposited Receipts 12 Month P&L Comparison
Open/Closed Payables Bills Paid Unit Expense Detail
Budget Variance Cash Flow Comparison 1099 Vendor Breakdown
Financial Statement Balance Sheet Comparison
Trust Account Details Trust Account Requirements
Balance Sheet Property Comparison

Miscellaneous Reports

Loan Transactions Field Entry Reports Minnesota CRP
ePay Report Utility Reconciliation Loan Listing
Utility Consumption Reports