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The Problem.

Each year in the USA there are over 400,000
residential fires that cause nearly 4,000
deaths, and over 18,000 injuries. More than
half of all fire fatalities occur in homes
without a working smoke detector.

How We Solve It:

The SENSOR ecosystem of integrated software
and products provides property managers
with real-time visibility and control over all
smoke alarms 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure
compliance and help save lives.

The smoke alarm compliance ecosystem, to save you time, save lives and ensure legislative compliance

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Save Property Managers Time & Stress

Sensor automates remote testing of smoke alarms to ensure compliance and help save lives

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Efficiency is gained through automation

With 24/7 connection to the Property, Sensor just tells you if something is wrong with the compliance status of properties you manage.

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Enhance customer service to your owners

Show your owners you are in control of compliance in their property and providing more complete property care than your competitors.

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