Fortune Telling in New Orleans

D3123697948_bd4c83a836_mo you ever wish you could see into the future? Maybe you’d make better investments, worry less, or plan more. We’d all like a glimpse into what’s next, which is why at this year’s Rent Manager User Conference, we’ve dedicated an entire session to the future of London Computer Systems (LCS) and Rent Manager®. Presented by our President and CEO, Dave Hegemann, the session will outline what’s on the horizon for our growing company and expanding software. Our predictions won’t be made with a crystal ball, however. Instead, we’ve got real data, proven facts, and confident projections of what’s to come.

Even better? You’ll have the opportunity to be part of the Rent Manager conversation. Our updates have always been driven by the needs of our customers, so attending the Rent Manager Future Forum at the conference is your chance to help shape the next generation of software.

To find out what other great sessions we’re offering at RMUC.15, visit our session descriptions page.

Photo credit: George Eastman House / Foter / No known copyright restrictions