Year-End Close: Adjusting How 1099/1098/1096s Print

*Updated for 2018*

The end of the year is right around the corner and the Rent Manager® support team wants you to have access to the information, tips, and tricks that will make your year-end close straightforward and problem-free.


You’ve run your breakdown reports, tweaked your settings, and loaded your printer full of tax forms, you are finally ready print your 1099s. But wait… your test print doesn’t look right. The data isn’t printing in the form’s little boxes! Oh no, now what?!?

Don’t panic! First things first, did you purchase your 1099 forms from Safeguard? If not, we cannot guarantee that they will line up properly with Rent Manager’s data output.

But if you’ve got the correct forms and the printed information isn’t lining up, you can add or remove up to an inch of space from the top of the form, resulting in the text moving up or down when printed. Follow these easy steps to correct your printer’s alignment and quickly get back into printing mode:

To adjust the pre-printed form:

  1. Go to File > Administration > System Preferences.
  2. Under Report Options, select Preprinted Forms.
  3. In the drop-down list next to the form name, select the appropriate amount of space to offset the printed text.

For example, to slightly move the text down on the page, add space to the top of the page by selecting +1/16.

To significantly move the text up on the page, remove space from the top of the page by selecting -15/16.

  1. Click Apply, then OK.
  2. Refresh any open reports to apply the new settings.
  3. Finally, print a sample and repeat steps 1-4 until the text prints appropriately on the pre-printed form.

Please note: These instructions can be used to adjust the following pre-printed forms: 1099s, 1098s, 1096s, checks, deposits, statements, invoices, payment coupons, post card statements and labels.

For complete instructions on how to process year-end tax documents and reports in Rent Manager, refer to our Year-End Close Resource Center or log into your Rent Manager University account.