Webinar Rewind: Web Portals & mobileRM

And now back to your weekly scheduled program: a dose of web excitement, featuring Chris G. on the Rent Manager® front. As always, we’re devoted to helping you customize Rent Manager and improve your operation’s productivity, so buckle up and get ready to learn!

The March 27th webinar focused on Rent Manager’s resident and owner web portals, as well as the varied capabilities of mobileRM. Chris used our allotted webinar hour to:

  • Discuss the purpose of the Web Portal Suite
  • Set up and use each portal:
    • mobileRM
    • Resident Web Access
    • Owner Web Access
    • Service Manager Web Access
  • Review the advantages of each portal
  • Identify tips and other best practices for the Web Portal Suite
So without further ado, let’s get to the recap of Chris’ web tool recap!


This recently released module allows you to do more work in RMO while you’re away from your computer. mobileRM gives you instant access/ability to edit:

  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Owners
  • Vendors
  • Units
  • Bills
  • Purchase Orders
  • Metered Utilities
  • Services Issues

Even better, mobileRM lets you run any RMO report you need/want, which Chris took us through in a snap. Report! My kingdom for a report!

You can also use mobileRM to take meter readings and enter them directly into RMO via the Metered Utilities option. Pretty nifty, huh?

Chris shared how to confirm your purchase of/user preferences for mobileRM in a few quick steps, which you can review in the webinar video here: RentManager.com>Services>Training Videos.

Resident Web Access

The Resident Web Access (RWA) portal lets your renters see and do all sorts of important things from your website, including:

  • Balance due
  • Transaction history
  • Make payments
  • Access their account settings
    • Change password, etc.
  • Service issues
    • View and submit services issues online
  • Notes
    • Share history notes with residents
      • You have control over what appears and what doesn’t

There’s a lot involved in the setup and use of the RWA portal, so make sure you catch all of Chris’ suggestions by watching the complete webinar here:

RentManager.com>Services>Training Videos.

Owner Web Access

Next, for fee-based property managers, Chris moved onto the Owner Web Access (OWA) portal. This module enables your owners to:

  • Access reports
    • You control which reports owners can run, or if they can run reports at all
  • Make contributions
  • Retrieve notes
    • Enables you to share history notes with owners
      • You have control over what appears and what doesn’t
  • Access their account settings
    • Change password, etc.

Again, to ensure that you cover all the bases while you’re setting up and using the OWA portal, catch the complete webinar here: RentManager.com>Services>Training Videos.

Service Manager Web Access

Finally, Chris went over the Service Manager Web Access (SMWA) portal. As the name suggests, SMWA lets your maintenance team(s) access service issues logged in RMO while out in the field. Want the lowdown on this handy portal? You guessed it, watch the webinar here: RentManager.com>Services>Training Videos.

Now, if you haven’t been making the most of Rent Manager, get with the program! Participate in our weekly webinars’and make Rent Manager work harder for you!