Webinar Rewind: Scripting


Back to your weekly-scheduled program: a dose of web excitement… and, as always, we’re featuring K.C. and Chris G. on the Rent Manager® tip, the dynamic duo devoted to helping you customize your Rent Manager® program and improve your efficiency.

This week, Chris G. introduced us to the handy-dandy Rent Manager® scripting tool, dynamic and super fantastic! We learned the how, what, and why behind basic scripting, to make your administrative work much easier!

Scripting 101: Learning the Rent Manager® Language

So what the heck’s a script??

Going all syntax on us, Chris clarified that scripting is the language understood by Rent Manager®, and it’s used in features like report writer. By using the Scripting Practice tool in Rent Manager®, we learned how to utilize existing scripting options and build dynamic script fields. The best part: you can practice first without altering your own data!

Try it out: Go to Letters > Letter Template Manager, then select a new template.A practice field will appear.Chris showed how to get into some scripting practice and he introduced us to the scroll of scripts (or Insertable Fields) on the right side of the screen.

If you’re writing letters and manually entering data each and every time, you desperately need this webinar! Chris taught us how scripting streamlines and reduces administrative work, dynamically populating each letter or report template with fields that are relevant to your needs (and your tenants’ information).

For example, instead of entering billing information for your renters every time you need to send out a delinquency letter, let the Billing Address script in Rent Manager® insert the billing info for you! Scripting is all about making Rent Manager work for you!

…what’s that [Function]?

A function is the powerful, versatile, and dynamic component of the script! But with great power comes great responsibility, right!? So be thoughtful as you learn, write, and use functions, okay?

  • #1 Rule for Scripts in Rent Manager: Your [function] is held inside a set of brackets, according to Mr. Chris, that is.

So if you tell the program that you want a balance for John Smith, make sure you type [balance] NOT just the word Balance.

Parameters give functions more power… and here’s how:

  • #2 Rule for Scripts in Rent Manager: A parameter exists inside the function and narrows what Rent Manager is looking for, it’s a more specific way of gathering/generating data.
  • Intellisense: a scripting tool that allows us to see all of the parameters that exist for a given function.

Testing Functions

Chris reminded us to test our functions before running an actual report or letter. (First, make sure you’re working in ScriptBuilder). To test your function:

  1. Select an area of text that you want to test
  2. Hold the Control (Ctrl) key and press the R key
  3. Test the script against the data. Compare the outcome of the script against what the actual data is. In other words, make sure that John Smith’s balance or address is being generated accurately.

Get To Know the Help File (F1)

If you aren’t familiar with the amazing resource that is the Help File, now’s your chance. Want to decrease your workload and make Rent Manager® easier for you and your staff? Get to know the Help File.

Chris demo’d all kinds of goodness the Help File can give for scripting. He showed us how to access the Help File, how to read the possible parameters within the Help File, and how to better understand what a specific script is doing.

There are three ways to get to the Help File… learn all of them in this webinar.

Get Scripting!

To echo Chris: Don’t forget to test the script! With scripts, you can generate any kind of dynamic data you want.

Now, I’m just scratching the surface with scripting. Let Chris G. school you in some scripts! For the complete lowdown on beginning scripting in Rent Manager®, catch the entire lesson at RentManager.com>Services>Training Videos.

And if you haven’t already, get with the program! Participate in our weekly webinars and make Rent Manager® work harder for you!