Webinar Rewind: Rent Manager Resources

Back to your weekly-scheduled program: a dose of web excitement… and, as always, we’re featuring K.C. and Chris G. on the Rent Manager® tip, the dynamic duo devoted to helping you customize Rent Manager® and improve your efficiency.

This week, the ever-astute K.C. reviewed the resources you can use to find answers to your most-pressing Rent Manager® questions and quandaries. Need to know more about database setup, running and designing reports, or how-the-heck to move a unit to another property? Rent Manager® resources put the knowledge you need at your fingertips. It’s a beautiful thing!

Tool Tips & Transaction Pop-Ups

These are the nifty little pop-ups that appear when your pointer hovers over a button, field, option, or control (Tool Tip),or a transaction detail (Transaction Pop-Up). These informational gems are all over the place in Rent Manager®, poised to help you know and navigate the software like a pro.

Help File

The Help File is the mother of all Rent Manager® information resources, it’s what the Tool Tips want to be when they grow up. More than 1,700-pages-long, the Help File is the most comprehensive source of Rent Manager® info. K.C. showed us how to access the file and search it using the Contents, Index, and Search tabs. Then she pulled out the big guns, the F1 key.

Easily our all-time-favorite key, F1 links the Help File to every nook and cranny of Rent Manager®, so wherever you are in the program, you can press F1 and learn more about what you can do, how you can do it, and why you would want to do it. Cool, huh?

Online Resources

Featuring over 700 articles written by our Rent Manager® gurus, the Knowledge Base delves into FAQs, work-arounds, and tested solutions for all sorts of user experiences. Offering more in-depth narratives and explanations than the Help File, Knowledge Base lives at RentManager.com>Support>Knowledgebase.

Other resources housed at RentManager.com include:


Finally, a legitimate reason to be on Facebook at work’K.C. said so! The Rent Manager® Facebook page is a great way to keep up on product updates, Webinar announcements, industry-related articles, and much more. Let us know you like us’you really, really like us: Facebook.com/RentManager.

Live Support

And if you’re tired of technology and just want someone to talk to, we were reminded that Rent Manager’s Support Specialists are available from 8:00 am ‘til 7:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

For the complete lowdown on Rent Manager® Resources, catch the entire webinar at RentManager.com>Services>Training Videos.

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