Webinar Rewind: Prospect Manager


Back to your weekly scheduled program: a dose of web action… and, for this installment, KC is the Rent Manager® front woman, enlightening us with her knowledge of Prospect Manager, a tool that will make your property management life better!

If you’re a Rent Manager Online (RMO) user, you’ve got this handy module ready at your fingertips. For the stand-alone users, you’ll need to add-on this feature, and after you watch the webinar, I think you’ll want to!

Here’s the scoop: If you want to streamline your prospect processes, making it easier to track who’s handling which would-be residents, and whether or not they are converted to tenants, this webinar is for you! Watch and get some help from the pros!

In this webinar, you will:

  • Set up prospect-related permissions and preferences
  • Create new prospects
  • Determine a prospect’s unit preferences
  • Convert prospect status to Customer, Lost, or Lost-Rejected
  • Understand the various reports related to prospects
  • Other considerations: screening, online applications, etc.

Introduction to Prospect Manager

KC broke it down for us right from the start: Prospect Manager gives you a better way to track potential customers within the program. Using the module, you can create accounts and monitor what kinds of units the interested parties are looking for, with the end goal of converting them from a prospect to a customer.

First thing’s first: Before adding/creating prospects, KC showed us the importance of setting up user permissions. Go to Rental Info> Customers and you’ll select an active user from the left side.

TIP! Change the account status to customer or prospect (make sure this box is checked). This allows you to identify which leasing agent should be working with a prospect.


Leading us through the nitty-gritty, KC opened the prospect information form. It’s easy! Go to Rental Info> Prospects, and the form opens (blue box) with a list of all prospects that have been created on the left side. Click Add New Prospect to open the Add Prospect Wizard.

TIP! The more information you enter into fields in Rent Manager, the more you will be able to leverage the software to make it work for you. Just because a form only requires that you complete the name fields does not mean that you shouldn’t enter as much as you know about the subject.

KC made sure to call out the Agent and Lead Source fields, as you can specify who’s working with a given prospect AND where the prospect heard about the company/vacancy. (A great way to track your marketing!)

By demo’ing all of the tricks, we learned the Prospect Manager ropes in no time! Enter prospect unit preferences? Check. Follow the prospect down to the conversion process (of customer or not)? Check. Get the reporting down? Check!

If you haven’t been utilizing Prospect Manager, get with the program! Trust us, your staff will thank you!

KC has it all covered in this webinar’ so get on the full prospect manager tip at RentManager.com>Services>Training Videos.

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