Webinar Rewind: HUD Setup and Subsidy

Back to your weekly-scheduled program: a dose of web excitement… and, as always, we’re featuring K.C. and Chris G. on the Rent Manager® tip, the dynamic duo devoted to helping you customize your Rent Manager® program and improve your efficiency.

This week Chris (and his booming pipes) talked us through the ways Rent Manager® meets HUD (or Section 8) needs. We learned the how, what, and where behind subsidies, the practices and the principles. So if you own or manage HUD housing, this is a must-see!

Subsidy 101

Getting down to basics, Chris demo’d HUD Payment Setup and Payment Receipt, as well as Payment Processing. Create a subsidy. Get a check and pay off a subsidy. He’s tricky; showing off his RM skills for easier reporting and managing: like how to use the subsidy feature with the drill-down tool. Fancy!

We also learned the best way to handle a situation when one HUD check goes towards the partial-payment for several tenants’ rent. AND he shared a new way to designate rent charges (RC)….that savvy guy!

Customize and Color-Code

And speaking of savvy: Did you know you can customize your framework for rent payments? Chris taught us how to link tenants to their HUD payments. One way to link them is to add some color to the Rent Manager® experience. Yep, color-code your HUD tenants. Try it: make your subsidy-specific rent charges green or yellow. You’ll save time and get more organized!

Bottom line: we got schooled…Rent Manager®-style.

So get with the program: Watch our weekly webinars and let your Rent Manager® program work harder for you!