‘Tis the Season… For (Green) Gift-Giving


We’re taking a new spin on resident gift giving this year. Since there’s plenty of red during the holiday season: Santa’s belly, Rudolph’s nose, berries, candles and, of course, bows… we’re going green.

No, not green with envy, green with gifts. This holiday-minded blog post is all about greening your gift-giving practices.

Are you planning on (or thinking about) giving resident gifts? We’re here to help! Let me guess, you don’t want your gifts to seem generic, predictable, or one-size-fits-all? You’re not alone.

This is your time to shine and be the hero, super property manager. So bring it. Take the opportunity to say thanks to those lovely tenants who keep your business going’whether they’ve just signed their lease or they’ve been around for a decade.

A Tisket, A Tasket… A Green Basket?

How can you show your appreciation? Baskets are one way. Stuff them, fill them, wrap and decorate them. There’s more than one way to rock a basket.

Because we’re green-gifting this season, consider containers that can be repurposed or reused after the baskets are presented.

Green It Up!

Small steps can start big changes. Here’s your chance to help your properties’ new year start off on a greener foot.

Not exactly sure what eco-friendly gifts to give? We’ve come up with a few ideas, so you don’t have to!

Green Clean: Introduce your tenants to more environmentally-friendly products. Those biodegradable, planet-friendly household cleaners and laundry detergent cubes fit perfectly in a basket or bin. Try giving a few samples to try for the holidays to subtly suggest to your residents to use them.

Try GrabGreen, method, Earth Friendly or Ecover products, and throw in some stain fighter to help with carpet stains.

True Greening: Give the gift that keeps giving throughout the year: flowers. Maybe your properties need a landscaping make-over? Well, it might be time to invest. If you can’t pull off the full face-lift, have some flowers planted, or, make a plan to plant them yourself.

DIY BulbsPresent this greening as a holiday gift to your residents, and add some color for months to come.

Give a Tree: Help your tenants spruce up their spaces by giving plants or trees to plant onsite. Their homes will take on new life and color, and they may feel more connected to the grounds with the chance to plant and grow trees on the property.

Recycle, Reuse: Think about giving some loot with your property’s logo. No, not hats or shirts, try reusable grocery bags. This is nice way to say thank you, cut down on trash at your properties, and get your brand out into the community.

A Different Kind of Green…Want to go big for your tenants this holiday? A $25.00 gift card to a local eatery or store would surely brighten their season. And you may be able to swing a deal. Let the restaurant know that you’ll be purchasing a large number of gift cards. They may negotiate a rate of $15-20, instead of $25. Your wallet will thank you!

Go green and make this a memorable AND sustainable holiday season. Give gifts that make a difference to your residents and the environment!

Photo credit: mysza831/Foter/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Photo credit: sophiea/Foter/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)