Tech Tuesday – What is Hiding in Your Rent Roll?

Tech Tuesday Logos - Spherexx

2 P.M. EST, June 22

Meeting ID: 739-105-939

This Tech Tuesday, join Kathy Freeberg, CPM & VP of Corporate Communications, America Melragon, VP of Revenue Management, and Becca Wilson, Owner and CEO, for a roundtable discussion on missed income opportunities. It’s time to dive deep into your rent roll and uncover misplaced assumptions that hinder revenue growth and value. The Spherexx team will address challenges that all property owners and management companies face. Tap into the collective 70 years of property management experience these veterans bring to the table during this insightful session.

This webinar will cover:

  • The balance of supply and demand
  • How do you know you have the best pricing?
  • The cost of high occupancy
  • What is worse, concession or rate reduction?
  • Reconciling occupancy vs revenue gain
  • Panic decision making and your cap rate
  • Spherexx integration with Rent Manager