Tech Tuesday: Upgrading Your Inspection Process in 2019

2 P.M. EST, December 18

Now is the time to improve your strategy for 2019! This week’s Tech Tuesday will cover the
evolutionary progression of the tenant move-in inventory & condition process. Learn how to
improve your tenant move-in process, how it’s changing across the industry, and why you should be prepared.
Inspect & Cloud will share how to implement new systems at no cost, then show you how to transform inspections with automation and how these systems can be utilized with the power of the Rent Manager integration.

Join us to discuss:

  • What is changing for the tenant move-in process
  • 3 Lessons that property managers learn too late
  • How to reduce security deposit disputes
  • How Inspect & Cloud integrates with Rent Manager to improve your inspection
  • Live Q/A

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Meeting ID: 660-746-395

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