Tech Tuesday: Save Time and Gain Leads With an AI Leasing Agent

Tech Tuesday Logos - Leasehawk

2 P.M. EST, March 9

Meeting ID: 502-176-003

As the leasing process becomes increasingly virtual, technology is playing a more significant role in prioritizing leads and overcoming leasing roadblocks. This Tech Tuesday, Larry Gorman, President of LeaseHawk, joins us to discuss how to leverage technology to make the most of your time in the leasing process. We’ll review how to utilize AI to improve productivity, provide a better customer experience, and generate more leads for your property.

This webinar will cover:

  • Common leasing team hurtles and their impact on your business.
  • How to utilize Artificial Intelligence to tackling the leasing funnel.
  • Ways the ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant can generate more leads in less time.
  • How to utilize the ACE Voice and Chat features to enhance the prospective tenant’s experience.
  • A demonstration of LeaseHawk’s seamless integration with Rent Manager.