Tech Tuesday: Mastering Your Leasing Process

2 P.M. EST, November 12

In this week’s Tech Tuesday, the experts at Showmojo will discuss the benefits behind automating the leasing process.  They will cover how innovative solutions are being used to efficiently self-show units, and how technology is being used to provide value to property managers, owners, and residents in the leasing process.

The webinar will cover:

1)   The benefits of automated leasing: growth enabler, happier staff, cost savings, happier prospective renters.
2)   Prospect-driven leasing: A walkthough from the perspective of the renter.
3)   Focus on In-Person Showings: Making the standard approach to showings exceptional.
4)   Focus on Self-Showings: The best-of-breed option for this completely automated showing approach.
5)   Showmojo’s MojoLock solution.
6)   Rent Manager Integration: A walkthrough from tip to tail of the Rent Manager integration with Showmojo.

Meeting ID: 877-703-483

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