Tech Tuesday – Fraud, Evictions & Advanced Tenant Screening Technology

Tech Tuesday Logos - Rent Butter

2 P.M. EST, June 15

Meeting ID: 190-027-131

When eviction moratoriums end and tenants begin moving at a higher rate, the tenants and the tenant screening industry will look different. After experiencing the low turnover, thanks in part to COVID-19, is your team prepared to screen applicants using the latest technology? In this Tech Tuesday, the tenant screening experts at Rent Butter discuss the future of Tenant Screening technology. Learn how to use behavior trends and other industry practices to assess risks for low-credit tenants and prepare your operation to find responsible tenants.

This webinar will cover:

  • How to identify financially unstable tenants and what landlords should look for when screening applicants.
  • Ways to spot key financial strain indicators, including pay stub and identification fraud.
  • How predictive analytics, virtual showings, and mobile access is impacting the Tenant Screening industry.
  • An overview of the latest credit reporting trends in the industry, including the surge in debt and inquiry behavior.
  • A demonstration of Rent Butter’s seamless integration with Rent Manager.

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