Tech Tuesday: Fake ESAs and Unauthorized Pets? Nope, Not Today

2 P.M. EST, February 18

This week’s Tech Tuesday will discuss how PetScreening, a FREE service for property managers, can help hold all residents accountable, generate more pet revenue and limit assistance animal fraud. This session will review best practices for reasonable accommodation requests and discuss the differences between service animals (ADA) in public accommodations and assistance animals (FHAct) for housing accommodations.

Residents are finding lease loopholes and the number of unauthorized pets is on the rise. Learn how to create an additional layer of liability protection while holding all residents more accountable – including those without pets. Pets are the fastest growing demographic in the rental housing industry, but they bring additional risk to property managers. In order to remain competitive, though, pet friendly policies are paramount. Learn how PetScreening’s proprietary pet FIDO Score can help you make better acceptance decisions and ensure you are appropriately aligning your pet-related fees with your risk.

Meeting ID: 901-801-307

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