Tech Tuesday: Challenging the Process of Landlord Verifications

2 P.M. EST, September 17

According to a recent survey, 86% of property managers indicated that getting a past landlord verification is very important. So why are so many property managers still operating in an outdated, manual, and time-consuming process to get the information they need? The current process for landlord verifications is a pain, placing the burden and responsibility on you, the property manager. There has to be a better way, right?

This Tech Tuesday, our friends from Landlord Verification will be joining us to discuss insights from a survey on landlord verification, and how technology provides a modern, efficient solution to this important task of the screening process.

This webinar will cover:

  • The problem with manual landlord verifications
  • Industry statistics from 2019 NARPM Broker-Owner Conference
  • Taking the “pain” out of landlord verifications by using technology
  • A demo of the Landlord Verification and Rent Manager integration
  • Live Q&A session

Meeting ID: 571-766-659

Sorry. Registration is now closed for this Tech Tuesday.