So Happy Together! NDT Phone Integration with Rent Manager

Rent Manager’s property management and accounting capabilities are inherently powerful, but did you know there are add-on features available that can further enhance the productivity and profitability of your business? Loan Manager, Report Writer, Metered Utilities’each module enables you to customize the way Rent Manager® works for you and your operation. One of our favorite add-ons, and one of the most-ingenious, is NDT VoIP Integration.

Net Dial Tone (NDT) is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform that combines voice (phone) and data (Internet) systems into a single line. By doing so, NDT eliminates the need for a traditional legacy telephone system and enables you to customize your communications infrastructure to meet your specific needs.

Two Technologies, One Amazing System

When integrated, NDT and Rent Manager® produce a communications framework that automatically identifies and opens a tenant’s/vendor’s/owner’s information in Rent Manager® when a call is received. A recording of the call and a log entry can also be saved to the contact’s history in the program. Outbound calls and voicemails can also be logged and saved in Rent Manager® via NDT, enabling you to keep exact records of all company telephone communications.

The practical applications of this feature are huge. Confirm details, settle disputes, share information, and more’all based on the exact details of a conversation, rather than second-hand or from-memory accounts.

Incorporating NDT into Rent Manager® is a straightforward process, guided by our expert IT Services team. All you need is a quality broadband connection and an Ethernet infrastructure. If those elements are already in place, you can be up and running with NDT in a matter of hours.

Great Features, Great Value

As a stand-alone product, NDT provides outstanding call quality and a robust list of enterprise-grade features’including auto attendant, call forwarding, and voicemail-to-email’all of which can be controlled by the system’s intuitive, web-based control panel. And thanks to its intrinsic flexibility, NDT is an ideal solution for connecting remote offices and work sites to the same phone system.

Click here for a complete list of NDT’s features and to watch the integration in action.

NDT is a hosted system that employs our state-of-the-art PBX equipment to route your voice and data traffic. That means you don’t have to buy and maintain VoIP hardware or software to benefit from the power and adaptability of IP telephony. Exceptional quality, zero upkeep, first-rate functionality, and seamless incorporation with Rent Manager®’that’s the value of NDT.

Enhance your company’s effectiveness, accessibility, and budget by bringing NDT and Rent Manager® together today.